Blogger Widget | Page Number Navigation For Blogger

page number navigation for blogger

Blogger Widget | Page Number Navigation For Blogger

On Blogger, we have the option to set the number of posts we wish to display per page by going to the 'Settings'> 'Posts and comments'> Show at most of the posts. Once may be total posts in our web page exceeds this number, we will see 'Newer Posts' and 'Older Posts' navigation links in this particular homepage and archive pages footer as Blogger does not experience any built-in functions on page number navigation. But page numbers in place of 'Newer Posts' and 'Older Posts' links could help our blog visitors to navigate quickly jump from one page to another page or mouse click on a specific page and know the total number of articles or blog posts published. Here you will find total guidelines on how to add page number navigation using blogger widget to your blog. You can choose any colors one of the 9 different colors that contain code mentioned below.

Black Page Number Navigation

black page number navigation

Grey Page Number Navigation

grey page number navigation

Red Page Number Navigation

red page number navigation

Blue Page Number Navigation

blue page number navigation

Aqua Page Number Navigation

aqua page number navigation

Yellow Page Number Navigation

yellow page number navigation

Green Page Number Navigation

green page number navigation

Pink Page Number Navigation

pink page number navigation

Purple Page Number Navigation

purple page number navigation

How to add page number navigation in blogger widget

  1. Log in to your Blogger Account and Go to your "Blogger Dashboard"
  2. Go to your "Layout" tab. You will see the complete Layout of your Blogger Template.
  3. Click on "Add a Gadget" then under Basics tab select "HTML/JavaScript" widget.
  4. Now past the widget contain code from the "HTML/JavaScript" in Content area now press "Save" button.
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